Here’s a unique marketing gift idea, virtual bubble wrap keychain. It was a popular toy in Japan a couple of years ago and we feel that it may just be the marketing gift that you are looking for!

Marketing Gift Idea - Virtual Bubble Wrap Keychain

Marketing Gift Idea – Virtual Bubble Wrap Keychain

What is a virtual bubble wrap keychain?

A virtual bubble wrap keychain is a small square keychain with buttons that look like bubble wrap. When the buttons on the bubble wrap are pressed, it feels as though one is really popping bubble wrap. The keychain can be hung on mobile phones, wallets, bags etc.

Why the virtual bubble wrap keychain as a marketing gift?

This marketing gift is suitable for all ages. Children and the elderly would regard this as a toy and play with it when they are bored. As for working adults and students, this would be a stress-reliever for them. It is essential that your marketing gift can appeal to as wide a range of people as possible. Hence, this makes the virtual bubble wrap keychain a good marketing gift or a custom promotional giveaway for business.

This custom keychain is also small enough to keep, yet won’t be misplaced easily. People tend to accept small marketing gifts over huge ones. This is because bringing huge gifts home may be a hassle. However, gifts cannot be too small as well, as they may be misplaced easily. Small gifts may also have a lower perceived value. The virtual bubble wrap is of a good size and is the kind of marketing gift that customers would keep and use for a long time.

How does a company benefit from a marketing gift?

A marketing gift can improve brand recollection. The logo of the brand can be printed on the gift. Whenever a customer plays with the virtual bubble wrap or takes out the keychain, he would see your logo and be reminded of your brand. In the future, the customer may go to you constantly for products and services which he requires.

A marketing gift can also improve customer loyalty. When a customer receives the gift, they feel valued by the company. This would cause them to continue supporting your products and services, and they may even introduce you to their friends!

Who can use this Virtual Bubble Wrap?

This marketing gift idea is not specific to any industry and can be used by any company of any trade. As long as your target market is the children, students, adults or elderly, this custom promotional product is suitable for you!

What are the specifications? 

Size: 1.77*1.57*0.59 inch or 4.5*4*1.5 cm

Can be made in many colors: White/blue/red/green

Material: Silicone + Plastic + metal

Power supply: 2 LR41 button batteries (included)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does bubble wrap help relieve stress?

Many people tap their fingers when they're impatient. One possible explanation is that fidgeting helps release muscle tension caused by stress. In a way, bubble wrap for stress relief helps because popping bubble wrap sheets can help you work off some of your nervous energy so you feel less stressed.

Where was the bubble wrap keychain invented?

The bubble wrap keychain was invented in Japan. It is known in Japan as Mugen Puchi Puchi, a battery-powered key chain with a panel of eight push buttons designed to simulate bubble-packaging destruction.

What is bubble wrap used for?

Invented in 1957 in New Jersey, bubble wrap was originally invented as a type of wallpaper. However, in modern days, bubble wrap is used as a form of packing material.