It has been proven that in recent times and due to very high competitiveness in any market, brands need to be able to distinguish their brand visibility in order to gain competitive advantage over its rivals. One of the most crucial way of this is by offering different kind of promotion methods like a giveaway for a purchase of a selected product.  When we want to offer a giveaway to our clients we need to think about a promotional product that is practical, inexpensive and easy to print our logo in order to provide an efficient giveaway.

For instance, below we can see a great example of a giveaway that would really impact customers:

Offering a high-valued giveaway to our customers: LED Torch with Keychain

Offering a high-valued giveaway to our customers: LED Torch with Keychain

How can we use such a giveaway to improve our brand recognition?

Firstly, it is very important to choose the right promotional products to use as a giveaway due to the fact that many companies out there already use the traditional products like branded pens, t-shirts and caps. Marketing involves being as creative as possible in order to gain our customer´s attraction immediately. Also, through customer relationship we could retain our customers for a long time as they will feel valued.

This LED torch with keychain can be used in many situations where we are in dark places. Most of the time we wonder how we can get light on and wish that we had a kind of mini torch to help us out. This keychain will ensure that the client will have this promotional product with him at all times as it is portable and easy to carry around. The product is totally inexpensive and very easy to print our logo.

On the other hand, when we offer clients a product like a giveaway, we always like to know that the client really uses the product to fulfill our work and to be satisfied of the service we have offered them.