Yoyi C is currently offering an on pack promo. This promotion is available at Walmart, Zhuhai. With every pack of three Yoyi C beverages purchased, you will get to receive a glass cup as a promotional gift. This promotion is selling fast so hurry down to Walmart now and the glass cup will be yours!

Hot April On Pack Promo by Yoyi C

Hot April On Pack Promo by Yoyi C

Yoyi C is a brand produced by Mengniu who joined hands with the famous Danish strains Ke Hansen, to introduce super active Lactobacillus paracasei, vitality C bacteria. Each 100ml bottle of Yoyi C promotes intestinal peristalsis, expels waste and helps your intestinal movement.

Why use an on pack promo?

An on pack promo works great as an advertising tool. It is lower cost and more effective than any other advertising methods like newspapers and televisions.

By offering an on pack promo, it shows that your company cares about your customers and wants the best for them. With this, customers would feel valued and this would encourage them to repurchase products from the same brand time and time again. Over time, brand loyalty will build up this will ensure that the company has regular customers purchasing their products.

An on pack promo that is useful and feasible is most likely to attract the attention of many consumers. Consumers prefer promotional gifts to be practical and handy as compared to those that are less useful as they might not use it at all.

How can an on pack promo help to increase sales?

An on pack promo helps to increase brand awareness. Even if your brand name is not as recognised as others, all you have to do if to offer an on pack promo and people will definitely start to recognise and remember your brand name. This would also encourage them to purchase your products for the promotional gift that you have to offer. Repeated purchases would also be encouraged in anticipation for future promotions. This would in turn help to increase sales for the company in the long run.

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Some Chinese words for our readers:

蒙牛优益C 正在珠海的沃尔玛有个促销。每买三瓶蒙牛优益C 的话,就会赠送一个玻璃杯。这个玻璃杯不但方便又使用。这促销非常受欢迎所以赶快到沃尔玛去争取这个玻璃杯吧!