M&M’s chocolate is keeping customers hungry with their cute custom keychains! The keyrings feature their two classic M&M characters to  represent two of their popular chocolate flavors. We spotted this redemption promotion at a 7-11 in Hong Kong.

Custom Keychains

Custom Keychains

The accessories are for sale and cost HK$188 each. They were put on sale on September 18, 2019. They also have a special offer whereby customers can purchase any M&M 3D Octopus accessory at 7-11 stores and a pack of M&M’s Caramel (40 g) for HK$4.5, allowing shoppers to earn points. This is an excellent marketing offer because shoppers will get the chocolates for half price. This kind of marketing scheme is called purchase with purchase promotions, whereby customers will get another premium for a much lower price. Because one of the products is offered at a much lower price, customers would feel as if they scored budget-friendly deals. As a result, they purchase more than what they need and the company earns more. It’s a win-win for both the customer and the company.


How Custom Keychains Optimized m&m’s Marketing?

Here’s how these mascot custom keychains have helped m&m’s boost their promotions:

Encourages People to”Buy Now!” – When something is said to be “limited-edition,” its value increases in the eyes of shoppers. They drive customers to purchase these items before they run out of time, thus boosting sales. In our example, m&m’s custom promotional merchandise are offered within a specific period. It creates a sense of urgency that pushes consumers to act now. Thus, we can say that these promotional keychains are an effective way to stimulate brand activation.

Mascots Improve Their Visibility – The keyrings feature their mascots and branded packets of m&m’s. We certainly love the use of mascots here because they are easily recognizable and they make it easier for people to identify the brand. The novelty of the promotional item can pique people’s curiosity which could lead to sales boost as more people walk into the store to inquire about the keychains.

Custom Keychains

Custom Keychains

Popularity – Who is not familiar with m&m’s cure mascots? Leveraging on the popularity of the mascots gives the brand greater marketing advantage. Shoppers tend to choose products with recognizable models, faces, or characters over products that do not have visual representations. This is because consumers associate these faces with certain qualities. For instance, beauty products with beautiful women and men look more appealing to customers because they connect beauty with these faces. Likewise, seeing m&m’s mascots instantly reminds us of their delicious chocolates.

Adds Practical Value – The custom keychains are attached to a carabiner to allow customers to easily attach the ornaments to their bags and keys. Practical items are a fantastic way to get your message out there. Customers will surely use them everyday, thus gaining your brand tremendous exposure.


In Conclusion…

Custom keychains remain one of the best promotional products today. They may be small, but they offer great marketing and advertising benefits. To fully utilize the power of this promotional item, it is necessary to make use of designs that are unique to your brand. In this case study, m&m’s used their popular mascots to get the attention of customers straight away. Small and handy, customers will be reminded of the brand every time they see use m&m’s keyrings.

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