Promotional keyrings are among the most widely-used marketing souvenirs for business. Scan your home for branded promotional products and you’ll be surprised that most of them are branded keychains. Car, beverage, and even cosmetic companies are tapping the power of this tiny marketing souvenir to further improve their brand standing and extend brand visibility beyond shop floors. One excellent example is this marketing strategy by Tiger Balm, a brand of ointment popular in Asia.

Promotional Keyrings

Promotional Keyrings

The keyrings, offered as on-pack gifts, are attached to the bottles of Tiger Balm oil. Simple and straightforward, this technique allows customers to see the promotional gifts straight away. Furthermore, this is a cost-effective way to promote the brand while rewarding customers at the same time. They may be small, but when done right, they could leave a positive and lasting impression on customers.

Promotional Keyrings

Promotional Keyrings


Here are some of the benefits of using promotional keyrings for marketing:

  • Carry Your Brand Everywhere – Customers can attach these pocket size custom promotional merchandise to their bags, coin purse, and keys. Since they are small you can be sure that your customers will surely carry around your brand name every day.
  • Mobile Advertising – Like custom backpacks and promotional t-shirts, these branded accessories can bring your brand to the streets where many people can see it and prolong your visibility.
Promotional Keyrings

Promotional Keyrings

  • Long Lasting – Promotional keyrings are fairly durable. They can be made out of metal, wood, plastic, and rubber. In our example, Tiger Balm has used a plastic to ensure the durability of their marketing souvenirs.
  • Brand Remembrance – With keychains, your brand name becomes an important part of consumers’ lives. They will see your logo or brand name every time they use their car keys. Your brand is exposed to many people while they are attached to their bags.
  • Makes Products Stand Out in the Shelf – Having these on pack offer can help you properly distinguish your brand from the rest. Customers will see the freebie form a distance right away, thereby encouraging them to make a purchase and boosting your sales.


Simple and small, these products may be one of the easiest promotional products to manufacture. Have you ever wondered how they are made? Here are some important things you need to know about manufacturing promotional keyrings.


How Promotional Keyrings are Manufactured?

Choosing the Right Materials

Promotional keychains can be made from wood, metal, plastic, silicone, rubber, or a combination of these materials. The right materials can give your keyring an interesting visual appeal and durability.

Knowing what materials to use will allow you to allocate your marketing budget wisely. In addition, it will help you determine the technique to use to shape your keychains.


Shaping the Keyrings

What are the most popular techniques for shaping your keyrings? Manufacturers often use injection moulding, die cutting, and stamping. Others also incorporate resin doming to give the merchandise an interesting texture and visual appeal.

Die cutting is ideal for wood, plastic, rubber, fabric, paper, and sheet metal. It is fast and cost-effective. However, it may not give you crisp, detailed designs that you want.

Injection moulding is great for silicone, acrylic, and PVC. What is great with injection moulding is that it can produce complex and beautiful designs at a fast turn around rate. In this process, molten material is injected into a mould.

Stamping is the process of shaping metal by feeding a sheet metal into a stamping press that uses a tool and die to shape, emboss, or deboss the metal. As such, this process would work for stainless steel, silver, iron, nickel, and chromium.


Finishing Touches

After shaping the keyrings, the manufacturer will then clean, polish, and add embellishments to the keyrings. Workers will trim and polish the edges of keyrings to give the products a smooth and polished look. Finally, the chain and ring shall be added to the pendant.


What We Learned from this Marketing Campaign…

In conclusion, Tiger Balm did a great job promoting their products to a broader demographic by offering promotional keyrings. Simple, yet effective, they allow marketing managers to get their brands into the hands and pockets of their customers. Therefore, keychains remain one of the best marketing gifts a company can give to their shoppers.

In order for you to turn heads using your promotional keyring, you may want to add innovative features to your merchandise. You can add a flashlight or a lottery scratcher to give them new functionality.

Should you need help with designing and sourcing custom promotional products, do not hesitate to get in touch with the ODM team. Our company has extensive experience in sourcing high-quality and effective promotional products for different industries. So contact us today!


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