Promotional Ceramic Custom Keyring

Ceramic keyrings are compact, small and make excellent promo gifts for those looking to build on their branding. ODM make a great number of plush toys & promo figurines each year and we feel that this is an amazing alternative to give your mascot new life.  Your logo could be imprinted on the surface of the ceramic. Alternatively, the logo or the acronyms of your company maybe imprinted on one of the pendants. Promotional ceramic custom keyrings would make the perfect promotional item for any company event.

Get inspired by these unique designs:

Promotional Ceramic Custom Keyring

Promotional Ceramic Custom Keyring

For this oriental design, it would be perfect for a chinese themed convention or event. This ceramic keyring is massively eye catching and attention grabbing. It would certainly boost sales due to the increase in brand awareness. 

Promotional Ceramic Custom Keyring

Promotional Ceramic Custom Keyring

This design is intricate. Its vibrant colours will attract many people. These techniques will enhance brand awareness.

Promotional Ceramic Custom Keyring

Promotional Ceramic Custom Keyring

Most companies give out plush toys or similar. Having a ceramic key chain would be higher utility value. It allows for greater use after it has been received or purchased. You can stand out with a different gift or product like a key chain. Key chains can be customised to make them branded and increase company awareness. Consumers also have the perception that the cost of manufacturing ceramic is way higher than plastic or metal. Most key rings are made with plastic or metal. Hence, creating a ceramic key ringwould allow your company to stand out once again.


How will a promotional ceramic custom keyring benefit you?

This marketing gift is one that would be able to generate huge brand awareness. Key rings are a practical gift. How many promo mugs or promo knives do do own? With this in mind, you are able to infer that this product is certainly one that would be highly utilized when received or purchased.

This promotional gift offers high visibility for the brand as well. More people will tend to be drawn to the attractive design if the design is unique. Promotional key chains are can be eye catching if designed in the right way. ODM can help you design a promotional key ring to create great brand reputation.

As mentioned above, ceramic has a high perceived value and by having this as a promotional gift, it would definitely put the company and its brand in a good light. This product is one of high utility value and of low cost. If you are in Europe, please ask us about the Ceramic Anti Dumping taxes.

Check out our latest special offer on the promotional ceramic custom key rings:

Custom promotional ceramic keyring

















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Custom packaging is another great way to maximise brand exposure. This gift set is a winner with its promotional socks!

These key rings have a unique design and are sure to be a talking point. Key chains are a great item to use as a marketing idea. See this blog post for more information and inspiration about promotional gifts.

With the purchase of the minion spray, shoppers receive a minion key chain. This innovative and not to mention, cute idea, is a winner with duty-free shoppers. A key ring can be any design you have in mind. They can be as minimal, fun or crazy as you would like.

These great custom key chains have a location on each of them in English and Thai. This is a thoughtful gift for anyone travelling through each area or as a gift to bring back from someone at home. Brand promotion is easy with these kinds of products. Your brand name can be placed on this key chain too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are keyrings usually used for?

Keyrings attached to almost everything, from bottle openers and torches to tiny notebooks and nail clippers.

Why do people keep keyrings?

Keyrings are commonly bought as a nostalgic reminder of holidays and travels and often feature famous monuments and characters. With a huge variety available and their light weight, keyrings are the obvious choice for taking back home to friends and family as gifts and as souvenirs. They are often collected by teenagers as part of a fashion trend, to be used for locker keys or hung on bags to make an expressive statement and as a display of flair and individuality. Some other people keep collections of keyrings for resale at a later date when they will have added value for being ‘retro’ or antique.

Are keyrings customisable?

Yes, you can customise them so that they fit to be in any shape/size/materials. Loop rings are made from die-cast zinc & steel. Buckles, snaps, slides, chains, clasps, D-rings & O-rings are also available.

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