The prevailing occurrences of violence, unexpected disasters, and accidents are definitely alarming. Even before, various organizations keep on pursuing advocacy campaigns to prevent all these and to people ready when the time these happen. Empowering people with simple safety accessories could save them from security threats. Equipping them with this branded keychain with alarm would probably be a big help.


branded keychain

Branded Keychain with Alarm


Benefits of Branded Keychain with Alarm

Owning a personal safety alarm is as important as installing a security alarm in your home. There might be unexpected things that could happen along the street and even inside someone’s home. Apparently, we definitely cannot ignore all the possibilities. Here are some benefits of carrying a portable branded keychain alarm with you:


Brings Peace of Mind

Having a safety alarm brings comfort and peace of mind to anyone who is carrying it. It could be handy for people who always need assistance, most probably the elderly. It would assure them that they can get immediate help whenever they experience unprecedented circumstances.


Provides Security from Intruders

This handheld alarm has 130 DB and can reach 600 ft. away, which is absolutely enough to call the people’s attention. This safety alarm is also called a sound grenade. The alarm operates on the same way a grenade is used. Users have to pull the pin to make it works. Furthermore, it produces a siren sound that could be disturbing to intruders and alarming to the people around.  Thus, it is a efficient safety alarm to get a response immediately.


branded keychain

Branded Keychain


Prevents Violence Against Women and Children

Various researches show that violence against women and children has increased in numbers in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. This very direful fact proves that they need protection even more during this time. To save and help them get out from domestic violence, they must be prepared and equipped with safety alarms to call out the attention of their neighborhood.


Ensures Safety During Calamities

With the ever-changing weather conditions, it is tough to predict when a disaster will happen. Hence, it is essential to be prepared all the time. Ensuring that a safety alarm is included in your safety and survival kit would be advantageous during calamities. It would be easier for you to draw the attention of the response team if you need them.


branded keychain

Branded Keychain

This safety alarm keychain also has an LED flashlight that can help users freely move even in the dark.


Protects Outgoing People

There are situations that people cannot avoid staying late at night outside their homes. Maybe because of the kind of work they have or they really have unexpected errands to do. Having this portable safety alarm with them can make them feel secure while doing chores outside. Moreover, it can be used by people who are highly engaged in outdoor activities such as traveling, hiking, and camping. On the other hand, since it operates using a lithium battery, they have to ensure that they carry a replacement for batteries with them just in case they need to.


branded keychain

Branded Keychain

How Can A Branded Keychain Leg Up Your Advocacy Campaigns?

Are you one of those organizations that run campaigns to save the marginalized? Do you belong to those sectors that promote people’s preparedness during catastrophic situations? Here’s how can this branded keychain help you leg up your advocacy initiatives.

Making Branded Keychain as a Giveaway Gift

A perfect promotional giveaway gift, this branded keychain would definitely help you invite more people to engage in your activity. The more audience you get, the more people you educate. Customizing the keychain would create awareness about your organization and the activity you have. Moreover, it is a simple way to make people connect with you. Printing the contact details of the organizations they may contact whenever they need help would be beneficial for them.


branded keychain

Branded Keychain for Advocacy Campaigns


In a Nutshell…

Undoubtedly, there is a lot of violence that’s been happening around us. Accidents and disasters are truly inevitable. Making ourselves prepared is definitely a great practice that can keep us from any harm. Carrying a safety and survival kit all the time would not need to be cumbersome. Offering this branded keychain with alarm to your target audience can clearly make them feel secured and spread awareness.


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