Stay safe and promote your brand with this fantastic fire safety promotion. If you’re the fire service, a fire safety provider or just a customer that cares about staying safe, then this is the perfect promotional product for you. No need to rely on whether a building has safety features installed when there is one on you at all times.

Fires are caused by negligence and a lack of awareness when it comes to any heat provider, with falling asleep while smoking being one of the major offenders to causing a fire. While the fire itself can cause huge damage to buildings, it is more easy to detect and stay away from. The main problem, when it comes to death from fires, is the smoke.

With a fire safety promotion such as this alarmed key ring, it can reduce your risk massively if you ever come in contact with a house fire situation, especially if you sleep with your keys by the bedside.

Fire Safety Promotion - Smoke Alarm Key Rings

Fire Safety Promotion – Smoke Alarm Key Rings

What we Like About This Fire Safety Promotion:

Safe and stylish design – Can save lives from a simple innovative design while at the same time looking fashionable with any set of keys. This multipurpose product has a great combination of being a fire safety promotion and general promotion for any company.

Customisable – Being a key ring it has many opportunities to be customised, from characters like these to a simple company logo and many more. In addition to this there is a variety of colours that can be used to fit your company’s design.

Increased Value – A built in fire alarm turns a regular keyring into a much more desirable product that therefore has a much greater perceived value, offering multiple functions. With this it means there is potentially a much higher demand for it making it a very successful promo product.


This is such a useful product with huge promotional potential. If you are interested in this product please contact us here at ODM with the reference number ODM- 1107 for more information and we’ll be happy to assist.

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