Smoke/Heat/Gas/CO Detector & Fire Alarms are self contained devices that incorporate a means of detecting a danger and giving a warning alarm. They are of small size and are normally fitted to the ceiling.   Alarms, just like fire extinguishers, are increasingly becoming mandated by Government in offices and homes, greatly expanding the market.

Clients of our Buying office frequently give high value safety products for home use and so we highly recommend these as gift with purchase for major services like insurance etc.. Please check also on our website for more safety products such as fire extinguisherswater safety devices, safety harness, emergency hammer and first aid kits.

For detectors main sensors measure following…

  • – Smoke Detector
  • – Heat detector
  • – Smoke & Heat Detector
  • – Gas Leakage Detector
  • – CO Detector (used for Carbon Monoxide leakage detecting)
  • – CO & Gas Leakage Detector

We can categorise alarms into 4 different types to fit client budget and technical requirements.

  • Autonomous Alarm system
  • GSM Alarm System
  • Auto-dial Alarm System
  • GPRS MMS Alarm System

Autonomous Alarms – These alarms are the most common and cost effective.   Once there is danger detected an audible alarm is sounded to alert those in viscinity to evacuate and take action against whatever danger there is.

GSM Alarm System – Wavecom GSM module with 6 wireless zones. You can connect a wireless emergency button, wireless PIR sensor, wireless door/window contact, wireless smoke detector, wireless gas leakage detector, wireless glass break sensor etc. Each wireless zone can match numberless wireless sensors and it can auto-dial 6 phone No. while alarming.

Auto-dial Alarm System – is with 13 working LEDs and control keyboard on the mainframe and it can Auto-dial 6 phone No. while alarming. You can call the mainframe at any time and listen what happened in the alarm area. It has human voice guide and easy to operate. Also burglar alarm system..

GPRS MMS Alarm System – with full tamper protection function. (it will alarm if someone trys to remove or destroy the solar siren) The solar Panel and Strobe Siren are combined together for easy installation. It has waterproof casing for outdoor use and battery Back-Up for outside siren. There is continuous Strobe Lights for 24 Hours Visual Protection.