Everyone knows what a helmet is, but not everyone knows when it was first invented, and the variety of helmets we currently have. The oldest known use of helmets was by Assyrian soldiers in 900BC who wore thick leather or bronze helmets.  As time went by, helmets were no longer just used in the military. They are also adapted for use in a whole range of different fields.

Below you can see pictures of specialist helmets, many using very high tech materials for Sports, Motorcyclesbicycles & Firefighting work. Safety is the common theme.

With each type of helmet serving a different purpose, it’s shapes, designs and materials will then vary accordingly, but one thing in common is they share the same aim which is to protect the wearer from head injuries.

Other than using helmets as protection items, they have now been used as advertising items by having sponsors printing logos on the helmets. Some are even selling them as sports merchandising products. Mini replicas of helmets are also being used as key rings. They can also be made into collectible items!

Whether are the helmets meant for protection or promotion, let ODMasia, design and manufacture them for you!

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