Governments are mandating safer construction and products be installed in houses or offices.  Smoke alarms are mandatory in certain countries.   Insurance companies can reduce premiums for fitting different security and safety devices.

This month ODM is promoting fire extinguishers as a unique and extremely appreciated high end promotional product.   These can cost under US$10/pc but the perceived value is much higher.

Complying with strict standards, European Normes, USA, or international codes, we offer a with a variety of extinguishers to choose from.

  • Dry Chemical extinguisher
  • Halon extinguishers
  • Water extinguishers
  • Carbon Dioxide extinguishers.

An absolute necessity in any home or office, this promotional item can be customized to a smaller size, shape and weight.

Simple instructions are printed on the body of the extinguisher leaving sufficient space for sticker/silk screen printing of logo or brand.

Different from the usual promotional merchandise, hung in a place which is easily visible and accessible, a fire extinguisher will make a difference in people’s life and will be remembered for years to come.