Wouldn’t it be great to find a way of combining company promotions with a social responsibility message? How about doing this in a sector that concerns a country’s entire population?

Well if this interests you, why not use promotional gifts that encourage road and traffic security?

Who said safety jackets couldn’t be fashionable?

The advert above advert is from the French Government promoting road safety & featuring a famous French designer. “It’s Yellow.  It’s ugly.  It goes with nothing (from your wardrobe), but it saves your life.”

The European Union strongly advises drivers to carry four useful objects with them in case of an accident:

In many countries these items have become obligatory for all cars. In France or Belgium for example a law was passed in 2008 making it necessary for all drivers to transport a safety vest and triangle in their vehicle. As often is the case in Europe, other countries will probably follow closely in their footsteps.

Promotional safety vest

Why not be a step ahead of others and have your company promote road safety right now in your home country or abroad? After all a good image brings good business. You could distribute funky fluo safety jackets with your logo on the back or handy red triangles with your brand on.

promotional safety triangle

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