This pneumatic line thrower is able to launch 2 automatically inflatable life-buoys to a maximum range of 230 meters! The lifesaving ring only requires 5 seconds to inflate.  It is versatile in both land and sea rescues and more info available from our China office.

We use this launching mechanism for throwing promotional gifts and prizes into crowds at concerts also…

Emphasis on safety precaution will definitely create a positive image for any company so we encourage companies to work with local authorities to offer more of these lifesaving devices near the water.

This safety device can be used in water and from the land and uses mentioned below.

In-water rescues:

Appropriate in all aquatic terrains

  • Lake
  • Sea
  • River
  • Ocean
  • Reach a radius over 200 meters.

In-land rescues:

Use as a rope launcher for rescue between:

  • Boat-To-Boat
  • Boat-To-Shore
  • High altitudes
  • Mountain Streams

On a similar safety note, we really like recent promo where our client gave high end lifesaving gift to their clients.   A fire extinguisher is a great gift to valued clients and is usually kept on display in prominent locations for many years. Where better to advertise?