Custom Water Bottle Phone Holder as Gift for Water & Drinks Companies

This custom water bottle phone holder is one of our personal favorites from recent trade shows. With promotional products we are always focused on delivering great function on top of everything else.  Aside from its unique design, we believe that it has a lot of potential for branding and marketing.

custom water bottle phone holder

custom water bottle phone holder

It’s 2 in 1, functions are a critical selling point.   Not only does it serve as a water container, but it also doubles as a phone holder. If you’re a water or drinks company, this is the perfect gift for your loyal customers. At the same time, you can use it to persuade prospective clients to try your product.

Marketers love to use drinking bottles, along with bags and pens, for promotions because they are versatile and require minimal capital to produce. There is so much you can get from a water bottle and for the most part these are really Eco Friendly since they reduce the usage of throw away plastic bottles.. Take a look at this innovative promotional water bottle also for inspiration.

Custom Water Bottle with Wireless Speaker

The above example has a built-in speaker- ideal for sports buff and music lovers. It’s a great giveaway for sporting events such as cycling and marathon. Since it’s a high-end product you can also use it as a company giveaway or contest prize.

If you truly want to bring your brand closer to your audience, make sure that your promo items are useful and unique such as this custom water bottle phone holder. Here’s how your brand can benefit from using a 2-in-1 drinking bottle with cellphone holder.

custom water bottle phone holder

custom water bottle phone holder

Custom Water Bottle Phone Holder for Marketing

  • High Utility: Water and drinks companies can use this custom drinking bottle to encourage customers to take a sip of their drinks after a high-impact workout. Phones won’t slip no matter how they move as elastic silicone band keeps them intact. Thus, it eliminates the need for a phone strap during sports activities. It’s also great for gym, school, hiking, and other outdoor events. As people see your gift merchandise being used in public places, they become more aware of your brand as well.
  • Reusable: Made from high-quality plastic material, you can be sure of the longevity of your giveaway. As a result, customers will get to use your brand for years to come. Hence, end-users become more accustomed to your brand.
  • Nice Design: Customers are likely to purchase products with great designs. This easily translates to customer retention and repeat buyers. As a gift with purchase, beautifully-designed items can help attract customers’ attention and ultimately convince them to patronize your brand.
  • Customizable: Marketers can customize the body of the bottle to fit your marketing campaign. Brand is visible and easily recognizable when you print logo/brand name on the body or on the band. Similarly, marketers can paint the body with colors to make it look more appealing.
  • Encourages Healthy Lifestyle: It’s one of the best gift for sports promos, water companies, or drinks brands as it encourages people to drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Transparent design allows customers to see whether it’s time for a refill. The Chinese market will definitely love this product because they value health above all.

Why Is This Custom Water Bottle Phone Holder Effective?

custom water bottle phone holder

custom water bottle phone holder

The combination of practicality, health benefits, and design is what makes this promotional merchandise a hit. It’s simple, yet extremely effective in delivering your message. This helps your brand stand out even more.

If you’re interested in this custom drinking bottle with phone holder, send code 2022 to get a quote for this product. ODM  can help create high-quality promotional products at a fair cost. We have a team of talented designers who will make your visions come alive. Our products are sourced all the way from China. We also visit factories to ensure that all your merchandise are made around your business requirements! Send an inquiry today.

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