While viewing the World Cup quarter-finals here in China in the early hours of the morning we came across this great promo gift from Turborg.

 Tuborg cup & dice promo gift

Tuborg's promo gift shows they understand Chinese market

Tuborg’s promo gift shows they understand Chinese market

This game, most commonly known worldwide as liar’s dice, hails from South American where it’s known as Dudo. Fitting then we discovered this great promo gift by Tuborg while viewing the current World Cup that’s currently being held in the continent. Most of the time this game is just played with a cup and 5 dice under each, however with this promo gift Tuborg have created a small cup and tray with their branding and 5 dice inside. Presumably these were then distributed to bars serving the brands brew.


Why is this promo gift effective?

Tuborg has shown great understanding of the Chinese market here with their use of this promo gift. Cups and dice are undoubtedly on the list of things to buy for any Chinese bar. It’s impossible to go in to a Chinese bar and not hear the raucous rattling of dice. By offering these as promo gifts to bars they not only create a good reputation for themselves amongst their buyers but also increase brand awareness amongst those playing the game. It’s these tactics that allow a brand to truly become a household name in their industry. Not only does this create brand awareness but also maintains it as the game is no doubt going to be played for as long as the bar is open.


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