What better way to boost your marketing campaign than using these 2 in 1 custom water bottles? These water bottles are handy, colorful, and most of all, fantastic vehicle to deliver your message to a wide range of audience.

Custom Water Bottles 3 Reasons They're Ideal for Marketing

Custom Water Bottles 3 Reasons They’re Ideal for Marketing

The below example is great example of how a customized water bottle is used for sports promotion. One can easily recognize the brand in a glance, thanks to its good printing quality.

What sets this new product from other water bottles is that it has 2-in-1 function. Gym buffs, athletes, and people with active lifestyle will love this product. They make ideal GWP item for sports brands and water/softdrinks companies.

If you’re new in the business and are looking for a cost-effective yet quality promotional merchandise, then these custom water bottles might be what you need!

Reasons to Use These Custom Water Bottles

  • Health Factor: Giving away water bottles is an effective reminder to stay hydrated. It instills the importance of drinking lots of water every day. Aside from water, customers can also fill it with iced tea or juice, a healthy alternative to energy drinks and soda.
Custom Water Bottles 3 Reasons They're Ideal for Marketing

Custom Water Bottles 3 Reasons They’re Ideal for Marketing

  • 2-In-1 Function: It comes with a cup, which allows customers to drink their beverage with ease. The cup also serves as cover to keep liquids from spilling. Customers love high-utility merchandise such as these water bottles. They will likely to purchase products that come with useful promotional items.
  • Customizable: The bottles offer a lot of room for branding. Marketers can print their logo/brand name on the body and on the cup. This ensures higher brand exposure because it’s an item many people use every day. Branded water bottles can help bring your brand closer to your target market.

Flexible, cost-effective, and useful, these are the characteristics that make these water bottles great for marketing.

If you’re considering using these custom water bottles for your promotions, then feel free to contact ODM. Don’t forget to include code 2031 in your inquiry to get quote for these products. Together with the Mindsparkz team, we will develop high quality promotional gifts to help grow your business.

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