Constantly worrying about where to keep your mobile phone and valuables while doing outdoor water sports?  Made from PVC Mesh, with a simple roll over and clip together feature, this custom waterproof bag is just the thing. Perfect for different companies who like staff and consumers who embrace outdoor/water activities.   This beach says to me: Summer / Watersports / Holidays / Fun in the Sun.  What does it say to you? What would this mean for your brand?

Custom Waterproof Bag

Custom Waterproof Bag

When can these PVC Mesh Waterproof Bags be used:

Hiking- This bag is useful while hiking because it can carry a lot and is water resistant, making it a good bag while stuck in bad weather conditions.

Amusement/Water parks- Great for amusement parks because you are able to go on rides with this bag and not feel like things are going to fall out. Also, when riding water rides, you know your belongings will be dry.

Beach- Don’t you hate when your bag is wet from the towel you used at the beach, which then makes your other stuff went in your bag? These waterproof bags are the perfect bag to keep the water out and also keep the water in (if you are transporting wet items).

Custom Waterproof Bag

Custom Waterproof Bag

Custom Waterproof Bag- Why brands choose this gift?

This outdoor waterproof bag is made out of PVC mesh material. Using high-end technology won’t allow leaking and it is foldable and light weight, making it easy to carry around. For example, these bags are suitable while surfing, fishing, and other outdoor water sports. In addition, things like smartphones, wallet, keys, clothes and other things can be put into this bag.

This bag comes in different colors and sizes, making your outdoor sports be more comfortable. The sizes are, 5L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 25L, and 30L. Furthermore, there are two ways to carry this bag. Single shoulder or backpack style.

Custom Waterproof Bag- An Ideal Promotional Product:

Branding Waterproof bags is great walking advertisements. These bags are useful to people who who like to do outdoor excursions. A lot of people with these bags means brand awareness to other customers.

Design- These bags come from materials such as PVC and mesh. On the surface of the bag, customize any logo, pattern or design that you want. Also, if the design is very nice, more customers will want to purchasing a bag of their own.

Improve Sales- In order to increase your sales, promoting a mesh waterproof bag, especially a high-end one, will entice customers to come have a look at what you are offering. Seeing these bags and how practical they are, people will also want to buy other products. Increasing the awareness and possibility of people buying products from your brand.

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