Promotional PVC Bag – Gift By Kiehls Cosmetics

Chinese New Year is over and the year of the monkey has begun. With Keihl’s promotional PVC bag they have entered the new year in the right way, offering customers a convenient and gift filled cosmetics bag to aid them with carrying all those important toiletries wherever they go.

Promotional PVC Bag - Gift By Kiehls Cosmetis

Promotional PVC Bag – Gift By Kiehls Cosmetis

Kiehl’s is an American cosmetics retailer that specializes in premium skin, hair, and body care products. Founded in 1851 as a small pharmacy in Manhattan they have fast become a very popular choice for both men and women in the world of cosmetics and beauty.

Promotional PVC Bag - Gift By Kiehls Cosmetis

Promotional PVC Bag – Gift By Kiehls Cosmetis

Why a promotional PVC bag is a great marketing idea:

  1. No obstruction for the customer to see what cosmetic goods Kiehl’s promotion offers.
  2. Being promoted in Hong Kong, the travelling hub of Asia, a PVC bag is very convenient for customers who travel as it can fit perfectly in hand luggage while being accepted by airport security due to it’s clear design.
  3. Promotes the brand name while acting as a stylish accessory for any traveller. The promotion can also be extended to the fact that due to the bags clear design, the products inside the accessory also advertise the brand name.

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