What’s a flask without whisky or whisky without a flask? Well with this on pack promotion by Grants you don’t have to choose. This promotion provides customers using Irish stores the opportunity to not only get two bottles of whisky but a fantastically branded flask as well.

Branded Flask On Pack Promotion by Grants

Branded Flask On Pack Promotion by Grants

Founded in 1887 and built up through the success of William Grant and his family, the company and its products have come a long since the small family business days. Over 100 years and five generations later, the still family owned business continues to charm and excite whisky lovers everywhere with their practical promotions.

Why we like this branded flask:

  • The flask is elegantly branded with the Grants logo displayed at the front of it. This is visibly presented to the customers giving full clarity on what will be purchased with this on pack promotion.
  • Perfect as a gift for any whisky fan as it not only offers two bottles of whisky but something to put them in and drink from.
  • As it targets whisky lovers by offering potentially use the flask to drink Grants or other whiskeys, the flash design and detailed branding acts as a mobile advertisement to wherever they take it.

At ODM we think this is a great on pack promotion and offer a range of similar ideas for businesses who would like to give their customers and potentially new customers a similar gift. To find out more contact our office for promotional ideas on how to offer your customers more than just your product.

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