With the prestigious popularity of Scottish whiskey, Glen Deveron promotes the success of their single malt product by offering a gift with purchase on any of their 30-year-old malted liquor. This duty-free promo provides customers the chance to get themselves a travel backpack with their product.

Glen Deveron’s Royal Burgh collection is exclusively available to international travelers at duty-free stores at selected airports throughout the UK and Spain. That features their most significant offering – the world-class aged whiskey.

Duty Free Promo Backpack with Glen Deveron Whisky

Duty-Free Promo: Backpack with Glen Deveron Whiskey

What We Like About This Duty-Free Promo

  • Specific. With a decades-old alcoholic beverage sold with a branded backpack throughout air terminals in Europe, the special offer targets the traveler market correctly.
  • Beneficial. The bag is made to accompany travelers who have hand luggage on a flight. Its size creates a demand not only for itself but also for the primary product. In a way, the backpack gives those who don’t usually drink whiskey a chance to taste the brand’s single malt.
  • Rewarding. The pack also works as an awards merchandise for regular customers. In fact, they may even build Glen Deveron up to their friends once they receive a free bag.
  • Noticeable. Travel backpacks are an excellent idea for increasing brand awareness. Imagine, the consumer who owns the gift will be traveling with it. Thus, they effectively take the name of Glen Deveron to new markets.

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