Advertising Display: Win a Budweiser Football Kit

Budweiser are at it again with a fantastic advertising display in Sainsbury’s that offers nectar card users a 1 in 10 chance of winning a football kit for them and their team mates when purchasing any Budweiser product.

Budweiser are a world famous American beer company that was founded in 1876, having over a hundred years worth of experience in brewing the great taste that we know today. The history of such a known beer means that thousands of advertising campaigns have been interacting and creating relationships with consumers.

Advertising Display: Win a Budweiser Football Kit

Advertising Display: Win a Budweiser Football Kit

Beer and sports are a match that go hand in hand, complimenting each other and providing engagement for consumers in both markets. This advertising display creates the opportunity for football fans and beer lovers alike to support both industries as well continuing a healthy lifestyle. Take a look at this Budweiser promotion!

Advertising Display: Win a Budweiser Football Kit

Advertising Display: Win a Budweiser Football Kit

What we like about Budweiser’s Advertising Display:

  • Engaging display. Budweiser’s colour scheme has always stood out within stores, using red and white to attract the attention of the consumer over competing beer brands.
  • Sports theme. Being a large participant within the sporting world, Budweiser’s POS interacts greatly with the amateur footballer, applauding their sporting efforts and giving them the opportunity to almost take the next step to professionalism by providing them with a kit and meeting their desires to further unify their team.
  • Desirable prize. With the features of not only a top to be won but the socks and shorts included, it can be seen as the ultimate football prize. With this it also gives Budweiser the opportunity to locally promote their company further by branding each piece of clothing. As there is a teams worth of kit to be won, this means that there is eleven different players promoting their brand outside of the competition.
  • Multiple market integration. While mostly targeting those who are Budweiser consumers and football lovers, it also interacts with those who hold Nectar cards, persuading those who don’t to become new clients.
Advertising Display: Win a Budweiser Football Kit

Advertising Display: Win a Budweiser Football Kit

This Budweiser display can also be used to place Budweiser promotional items and Budweiser promotional products.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are advertising displays?

Advertising displays are displays that are used to advertise products. One example of an advertising display would be POS displays. Such displays can be used at retail stores which increase product and brand visibility.

How can companies make their advertising displays visually appealing?

They can make use of visually appealing colours and imagery. Consumers are more inclined to looking at striking colours that draw attention. Designers can make use of colour and printing to allow their displays to pop!

Why does ODM Group love this advertising display?

We love this advertising display because it is able to store many of its products and makes use of the small space that the display is given. Moreover, it makes use of striking colours which draws the attention of consumers.

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