Beer Promotional Ideas for the Perfect Weekend Staycation!

Once again, Heineken is grabbing shoppers’ attention with the perfect promotional gifts for a weekend staycation. The brand always comes up with some of the best beer promotional ideas! Spotted in a Singapore supermarket, Heineken is now giving customers a chance to win a cabin trolley. This is on top of their on-pack promotion of 2 branded beer glasses!

beer promotional ideas

beer promotional ideas


Reasons We Love this Branded Merchandise:

High-End Gift With Purchase

A cabin trolley is a great way to entice customers! Luggage is often quite pricey, which will help increase the perceived value of the beer. Thus making customers grateful and appreciative while giving Heineken an edge against their competitors.


As a result of the pandemic, many people are opting to go on staycations since traveling is restricted. A piece of 21-inch luggage would be perfect for a weekend getaway, making the GWP versatile and practical. The branded beer glass is a useful product for customers as they can enjoy their beer with the glass. In addition, it can be used beyond the life of the product.

Brand Recall

The branded beer glasses have the Heineken star logo printed across the center. The color of the logo is green and red, the signature colours for Heineken which makes the logo pop. Since the custom drinking cup and cabin trolley are branded, it creates brand recall whenever the customer uses it. Hence, it gives the brand an edge over its competitors.

Boost Sales

Having promotional items is an excellent way to pique the interests of customers and encourage them to buy your products. This is also a great way to make your brand stand out in a competitive market. Customers are more enticed to purchase Heineken beer because of the branded free gift incentives. Therefore, the gifts they offer are truly effective in driving impulse purchases.

beer promotional ideas

beer promotional ideas

Our Takeaways

Overall, this is an effective GWP by Heineken to make their brand stand out in a saturated market. Furthermore, when deciding on what beer promotional gift to offer to customers, your brand should consider a practical gift that will capture their attention and encourage them to choose your product over your competitors.

beer promotional ideas

beer promotional ideas

How ODM can help?

If you are planning to roll out an exceptional promotional campaign for your brand, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you with brainstorming interesting ideas that will surely pique shoppers’ attention.

ODM is well-versed with producing and manufacturing custom promotional merchandise for the drink industry. We have done promotional giveawayssports merchandisegift with purchaseson-pack promotions, and many more.


Other Beer Promotional Merchandise by Heineken:

This branded beach set is perfect for promotions because they offer a large space for branding purposes.


We have already had some posts on promotional USB drives, but this is another one really worth considering if your company belongs to the drinks industry.


Bottle openers are probably the most perfect promotional item to pair your beers. Bottle openers are functional and portable which makes them effective.

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