Heineken currently offers different promotional gifts in Denmark. This time, their Heineken Promotion ranges from two great looking bottle openers to a quality towel. These marketing gifts are surely taking over Denmark and are surprising everyone who loves the brand.

Heineken Promotion: Bottle Openers

First of all, let’s take a look at the bottle openers. Well, bottle openers are probably the most perfect promotional item to pair your beers. Bottle openers are functional and portable which makes them more effective.

In this case, this bottle opener’s design effectively raises brand awareness. The handle bears a big branding potential for the brand which the Heineken gladly utilised. Another interesting point on this item is the fact that you may re-close the bottle cap using this “opener”.  It’s really interesting as not all bottle openers could do this trick. Furthermore, this “unique ability” makes the promo gift more attractive to customers.

Heineken Promotional Product

Heineken Promotional Product

The second item is a key chain that doubles as a sturdy bottle opener. Looking at this custom keychain design made me realised that the brand is really lucky to have a great marketing team behind all these Heineken promotions. The keychain’s design is a bottle opener which is heavily branded with Heineken’ logo. In fact, even the carabiner that secures the keychain is mainly coloured with Heineken’s green hue trademark.

Heineken Promotional Gift

Heineken Promotional Product

Heineken Promotion: Promotional Towel

Lastly, the beer brand throws away a Heineken towel that shows the brand’s famous logo and trademark colours. Clearly, when a customer uses the item, it draws a lot of attention from customers which enhances brand recognition.

Heineken Promotional Product

Heineken Promotional Product

In conclusion, it’s really better to diversify your arsenal of promotional items because it helps a lot with branding.

If these items interest you, please feel free to send us a message or contact us anytime.

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And a few words for our Danish readers:

Heineken bruger mange forskellige reklame ide’er, bland andet laver de øl oplukkere i mange forskellige udgaver og håndklæder, hvilket begge dele er nogle super effektive reklame produkter – specielt om sommeren hvor folk bruger meget tid sammen og hvor både oplukker og håndklæder er nødvendige.