Circle K (international convenient store chain) is currently holding a San Miguel PWP beer stein promotion in Hong Kong. San Miguel is the world’s most famous Filipino beer company. Purchase any 0.5L can of San Miguel to get a branded beer stein at a special price of HKD38. Don’t you think that this wonderfully designed beer stein is a different and fun looking drinking utensil? It is so different from any other promotions offered before! Customers who chance upon this promotion will definitely be intrigued and will be excited to get their hands on it!

San Miguel PWP Beer Stein

San Miguel PWP Beer Stein

Why offer beer steins?

A beer stein or any other kind of mugs and glasses are great promotional items. Their shape can be easily changed and their surface branded with your company logo. A beer stein would be the perfect promotional gift for the upcoming Oktoberfest or anything related to the German beer festival.

By offering your customers and unconventional gift item, you will definitely engrain your brand name and image in their minds as you will have set your brand apart from the rest of the competitors. Customers these days also like companies that appear to be creative and unconventional thus this can be beneficial for your company!

Benefits of offering promotional products

Brand recognition is a goal for all businesses. It is crucial for a company to establish its brand in such a way that it makes itself stand out from the competitors and also remains rooted in the minds of the customers. One simple way of doing so is to be creative with the marketing campaigns and promotional products are simple tools that can help you in this area. By customizing gift items that customers can use on a daily basis, you are increasing brand awareness for your company!

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