San Miguel is intent on becoming Hong Kong’s top beer brand and is using very innovative promotional products to gain more foothold.  The brand has conducted many campaigns to increase visibility and show its appreciation to its customers.

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This time, San Miguel co-branding to create marketing synergy.  Having two popular brands under one roof could further appeal to customers. At the same time, it also allows the brand to tap new potential customer bases.

San Miguel X G.O.D (Goods of Desire)

San Miguel has worked with G.O.D, a well known lifestyle brand in Hong Kong, on past occasions. This time they are working together again, with G.O.D designing a set of rock glasses exclusively for San Miguel.

San Miguel's PWP promo at 7 Eleven

PWP Mechanism: purchase 3 kinds of beer or 1 x 4pk 330ML San Miguel Beer to redeem Rock Glass set at $12

The idea of having G.O.D design this glass set for them allows for more relevance and appeal since G.O.D is a local brand and understands the local market well – this glass will attract especially to fans of G.O.D products.. San Miguel is featuring the glass set only in 7 Eleven outlets island wide for exclusivity.

We may be a little late on this (6 Apr – 3 May), but we feel that we should blog on this since it serves as a great inspiration to what you can do as well.

San Miguel X Kappa 

On the other hand, San Miguel is working with established sports brand, Kappa – offering a drawstring bag to show the brand’s support for sports. San Miguel has been actively supporting sports events, more lately, being the official beer for the Dragon Boat Carnival for example.

Circle K featuring a different San Miguel Promo

PWP Mechanism:  For redemption: purchase SMPP x 3 pcs or 4-pk in Circle K and redeem Kappa Sports bag at $9.90 

The drawstring bag offers utility in carrying necessities when recipients are engaging in sports activities. This ties in with the brand’s image of its support to sports well… Everyday items like this are a great way to ensure usage and raise brand exposure.

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