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Excellent Purchase with Purchase Promotion by San Miguel Beer in Hong Kong.  The promotion is unique and the POS display makes this beer stand out from all the other drinks on the aisle.

Dry Swimming: Just like scrabble, tiles of Mahjong are mixed on a table by all players before each round of play begins.  Mahjong tiles are heavy so this makes lots of noise (this set weighs over 5 Kgs).

Mahjong parlours in Hong Kong are very loud and this is a fun, imaginative (and accurate) slang for the game. See also Hong Kong Mahjong Rules.

PWP Promo mechanism: Purchase 1 pack of beer and spend an additional US$ 15 to get a Mahjong set.   The box and some tiles are branded with San Miguel logos.   This Beer Promo targets one of the main traditional games of Hong Kong and the heavy tiles have a very high perceived value.

Game play can go on for many hours and be accompanied by drinks – very effective placement for the beer company advertising.

San Miguel go Dry Swimming

san miguel dry swimming

san miguel dry swimming

Some more info on the tiles.

  • Wind tiles – East, South, West, and North.
  • Dragon tiles – red, green, and white.
  • Circle suit – named as each tile consists of a number of circles; each circle represents copper (tong) coins with a square hole in the middle.
  • Bamboo suit – named as each tile (except the 1 Bamboo) consists of a number of bamboo sticks; each stick represents a string (suo) that holds a hundred coins.
  • Character suit – named as each tile represents ten thousand (wan) coins, or one hundred strings of one hundred coins.
  • Flower tiles – typically optional components to a set of mahjong tiles; often contain artwork.  This set of tiles was Customised with San Miguel logos – see below..
mahjong game factory - San Miguel

mahjong game factory – San Miguel