Beer companies should always be promoting to stay ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, you are not always present in bars or restaurants to convince customers to try out your products. Therefore, it’s just proper to create something that catches the attention of customers. And, it should always be there when customers are about to make the purchase. This is how San Miguel Beer utilises a light up signage installed in various bars all over Asia.

Light Up Signage San Miguel Beer's Secret in Bar Promotion

Light Up Signage San Miguel Beer’s Secret in Bar Promotion

What Makes A Light Up Signage A Good Promotional Product?

  • Eye-catching – This light up signage is pretty visible both in daylight and at night. The fiery red hue which is a trademark of San Miguel quickly reminds people of the brand and its products. Once you enter the bar, you’ll immediately see San Miguel‘s logo which greatly influences your order choices.
  • Long-lasting – This promotional product might not be the most affordable out there but it sure is a worthy marketing investment. Unlike tiny promotional giveaways wherein you’ll need to replenish your supply, this display doesn’t need much tendering or maintenance. All you need is electricity and a working light bulb and your beer marketing idea is good for the night!
  • Customisable – By creating their own design, people easily recognise the San Miguel brand. The quality of the materials used in developing this POS display contributes to the whole brand perception. Clearly, the beer brand uses quality materials which says a lot about their products. Because when a brand puts effort into their promotions, we are sure that they also put their maximum effort in creating quality products/services.
  • Minimal Design – It’s the no fuzz, straight to the point design that makes the display more appealing. San Miguel aims to be simple yet objective. Well, hands down to San Miguel for creating such wondrous beer advertising sign / bar display. If you would like to see another minimalist POS display design, check out the blog below:

Overall, their light up signage is a great way to boost brand visibility! Not only does it distinguish your brand from competitors, but it also adds value to your business. So, if you’d like to create your own light up signage, please feel free to contact our team anytime.

The ODM team is always ready to help you realise your marketing plans to capture new customers. We have a team  of dedicated and talented product designers and marketers, therefore, you don’t have to worry if you’re still starting out as a business.


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