When we talk about custom displays or signages, it is not just limited to traditional styles. Today, marketing managers have so many creative options as materials can range from acrylic, PVC, glass, wood, and metal. Thus, it is crucial to communicate your design ideas with your acrylic display manufacturer before the production starts.

Acrylic Display Manufacturer: Why We Love This Signage From Gcash

Acrylic Display Manufacturer: Why We Love This Signage From Gcash

Here’s an unconventional display from GCash, a cashless online money service that lets customers do their  shopping conveniently. Their light up box signage is an excellent example of a simple, yet effective pos display design. Also, It has a QR code that links to the applications download page. Definitely, this is a smart marketing campaign.


Acrylic Display Manufacturer: Benefits of Acrylic

Aside from being a light material, acrylic is also less expensive than glass and polycarbonate. The material is insusceptible to discolouration caused by external factors such as the heat of the sun. Therefore, it’s best to use for outdoor displays. Furthermore, these sheets are easy to mould and cut which is an advantage when creating POS displays and custom-design merchandise.


Why Do We Love The Display From GCash?

  • Creative Use Of Lights – As you may have noticed, the box is illuminated which makes the logo pop out. So, even in the dark, people will still see the GCash’ branding.
  • Minimal Design – The design solely highlights the brand which is really effective. This minimalist design from GCash aims to be simple yet objective. Clearly, the brand wants to reduce the works and the unnecessary layers that may be too much for the design. Also, this proves that GCash is simple and easy to use just like their design. If you want to see another simple and neat promotional idea, check out the link below.


Advantages Of Using Acrylic Displays

  • Practicality – We highly recommend acrylic displays for outdoor and indoor advertising because they can withstand the elements. Durable promotional products ensure longer-lasting exposure, which is beneficial for your brand.
  • Aesthetics: The aesthetic appeal of the material allows you to enhance overall look of your in-store display. Furthermore, its flexibility allows POS display designer to create different bespoke shapes. Thus, giving designers more room for creativity.
  • Cost-Effective: As a business owner, you want to make sure that you get the most out of your displays. Sturdy store displays can be used for years. As such, reusing your promotional displays allows you to save more.

Overall, using great displays are really important to further boost your promotion. The materials as well as the overall look should resonate with your brand identity in order to create cohesion and flow.

So, if you are looking for an acrylic display manufacturer please feel free to contact our team anytime. We specialize in designing, sourcing, and manufacturing POS display units for business.


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