A customized acrylic display case is ideal to promote your products. These transparent boxes can house many types of different products as it provides insight into what is inside. This is good advertising for cosmetic brands or gifts. This colourless and lightweight material makes an excellent substitute for glass and perfect for display boxes. Other acrylic-based products to consider for your brand campaign include an acrylic menu stand, custom acrylic LED signs and in-store displays. This blog will explain why a customized acrylic display case is a great way to promote your brand.

Customized acrylic display case

Customized acrylic display case

Advantages Of A Customized Acrylic Display Case:

Acrylic is a plastic with many perks. It is often used for point-of-purchase displays, signage, furniture, and more. Acrylic is highly transparent, easy to clean and shape when making a certain mould. To shape acrylic, the material needs to be heated and set into a shape where it will cool off and hold the new body. It can be adjusted after by using a machine, drill or saw to cut off edges and make it smoother.

The plastic is durable and strong as it is not easy to dent or break. It can withhold its shape over a broad temperature range which makes it perfect to use in a lot of countries. The strength makes it nearly resistant to breaking which makes it ideal for heavy products.

Customized acrylic display case

Customized acrylic display case


Aside from being a light material, acrylic is less expensive compared to glass. The material does not discolour overtime due to external factors such as the heat of the sun. Therefore, it is ideal for outdoor displays. These sheets are easy to mould and cut, making it perfect when creating POS displays and custom-design merchandise.

The display box is easily customisable as it is transparent, any logos can be added on the entire surface along with LED lights to brighten up the box and add some colour. The mould can have multiple compartments and shapes to fit products like in the image below.

Customized acrylic display case

Customized acrylic display case

To Conclude…

Acrylic is a cheap material to use yet can add value to your product along with keeping it protected. The durability will ensure that it is used by customers for a long time, whether the acrylic box is used for storage or other purposes, the brand logo will definitely enforce brand activation.

What type of acrylic case would you pick for your brands? How many compartments would you like? At ODM, we can create any product you like no matter the challenge.  Our dedicated team of designers at Mindsparkz can help your brand by creating innovative designs. Moreover, we have tremendous experience in manufacturing marketing giftscustom POP displays, and high-quality promotional products for your next marketing campaign.


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