Make your brand come alive with these customized neon signs! With the competition getting tougher by the day, it is critical to get customer attention right from the start. One brilliant idea to pull in more customers is by using neon signs.

We always see customized neon signs outside pubs, restaurants, boutiques, and coffee shops. Business establishments have been using these vibrant outdoor advertising signs especially at night because it helps with their visibility. Unlike the traditional signage and tarpaulins, neon signs are more eye-catching and interesting to look at.

These customized neon signs are some of the best items we found at the Trade Fair. And we were amazed by the quality of each of the signs. Drink and beverage companies will surely find these displays a great investment.

Below you’ll see a variety of neon signs made for the drinks industry. Shown in our example are signs for GuinnessSan Mig LightBudweisierCorona, Carlsberg, and Aqua. You can see that their logos are easily recognizable.

Customized Neon Signs

Customized Neon Signs


Just in time for Christmas, we have Yuletide-themed ones to spread that holiday vibe! These would be a great addition to your in-store advertising or purchase with purchase promotion scheme.

Customized Neon Signs

Customized Neon Signs


How Neon Signs Are Made

You might be wondering how neon lights work. So here is a quick explanation on how these colorful tubes glow.

Neon is one of the noble gases, which are the most stable elements in the periodic table. Their unique characteristic: they do not react when combined with other chemicals. Aside from neon, krypton and argon are also used in the manufacture of customized neon signs. But how are they made into colorful and eye-catching bespoke signs?

The first step is choosing a design and printing it on a fire-resistant paper. Once the designs are ready, the designer would then start with tube bending. As the name suggests, this process requires manually bending the glass tubes by heating the exact spot that needs bending. Once the glass softens, they can be bent into any shape you like.

After shaping the glass tube, it is now time to attach the electrodes on the sides of the glass and injecting the noble gas.

Where does it get its unique color? Each noble can produce a specific color. For instance, Neon produces a warm red and orange color while krypton glows green, helium produces a pink hue, argon is blue, and xenon emits white light. Combining these gases can also create new colors. Another way to create striking colors is by coating the glass tube with phospor, which emits light when exposed to radiaton.


5 Reasons Why Customized Neon Signs are a Brilliant POS Display Idea

  • Attention-Grabbing – Visibility is very important for business establishments. With neon signs, shops along busy streets will be more visible to customers. Catchy colors are hard to miss. Having customized neon signs will instantly give you the boost that you need especially in a street filled with competitors.
  • Customization – You have a lot of options when it comes to designing your customized neon lights. It offers product designers a lot of freedom to fashion neon lights to any shape and even create their logo with it.
  • Longevity – Neon lights are relatively sturdy and long lasting. With proper maintenance, it can last anywhere between 10-15 years. Thus, this gives more value for money.
  • Cost-Efficient – Since neon lights can last for approximately a decade or more, it makes sense that this is a cost-effective POS Display option.
  • Ease of setup – Setting up a custom neon sign is relatively easy. Therefore, once they are put up, you can immediately see the benefits of having such custom POS display.


Our Key Takeaways…

Using customized Neon signs offers numerous benefits for your company. Aside from they attract customers especially at night, they are also cost-efficient, and long lasting. Furthermore, they can be fashioned into many different shapes colors.

Do you like this unique display idea? If so, send us an inquiry and quote product code ODM-2764 for reference. We have a dedicated team of product designers at Mindsparkz who can whip up excellent promotional product designs. Our team also work closely with China factories and visit factory floors to ensure that your merchandise are made to your requirements. So contact The ODM Group today!

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