Neon signs have been around for decades and are a great way to market products. As technology has developed many factories have switched from manufacturing traditional florescent tubes to LEDs. This case study will compare the benefits of LED vs Neon Signs.

LED vs Neon Signs - Which one should you order

LED vs Neon Signs – Which one should you order

How much does it cost to run LED vs Neon Signs

When comparing LED vs traditional neon tubes, the power consumption is one of the biggest differences. Firstly, LEDs use 5 – 10 times less energy, when compared to traditional neon tubes. This factor can lead to significant long term cost savings. Furthermore, LEDs can be up to 10% cheaper to purchase. When combining this with the cheaper running costs, LED signs provide consumers with an overall reduction in costs.

LED vs Neon Signs - Which one should you choose when manufacturing in China

LED vs Neon Signs – Which one should you order

Environmental benefits to choosing LEDs

In addition to costs benefits, there are also environmental benefits for customers choosing LEDS. Neon tubes contain noxious gasses. Broken tubes leak gasses out into the environment, which can potentially be harmful. It is not uncommon for Neon tubes to get damage and break during transit. Whilst factories will often replace damaged tubes, the cost of shipping these out can be expensive. Moreover, it is generally down to the client to fix these back onto signs.

LED vs Neon signs performance comparison

When comparing the performance dimensions of LED and neon signs the following observations can be made. LEDs are significantly brighter than traditional neon tubes. LED signs used outside a shop or restaurant for advertising can be seen from a greater distance. In addition to this, it is possible to use LED signs in the day, increasing the value of the product. When looking at the performance capabilities of Neon signs, one of the major disadvantages is that neon signs deteriorate over time. Re-gassing Neon signs that are performing poorly is common.

LED vs Neon Signs - Which one should you order

LED vs Neon Signs – Which one should you order

Technical Process of Neon and LED Lights

Neon Signs – Neon lights consist of glass tubes filled with inert gases, meaning they do not react when combined with other chemicals. The common held belief is that neon gas is used, but both argon and krypton are regularly used too. Once the chosen gas has filled the tube, a couple of electrodes are then attached to the end and as the volts of energy travel through, the atoms inside the gas start to glow.

LED Signs – LED lighting is made with thin polymer tubes, which makes it very flexible and easy to replace, as well as occupying less space. On top of that, LED only transforms energy into electricity therefore, no heat is generated meaning they are safe to touch when turned on.

LED vs Neon Signs - Which one should you order

LED vs Neon Signs – Which one should you order cactus

The Future of Traditional Neon Signs

Many traditional neon factories have closed or switched to producing mainly LED. This is due to the overwhelming demand to switch away from power hungry and eco unfriendly Neon. However, there is still a demand for traditional neon signs. Like Vinyl Records, some people buy traditional neon signs for the nostalgia they bring. Furthermore, there is also a demand for replicas of retro neon signs. Therefore, it is still possible to find suppliers who are able to manufacture using traditional methods. Fans of traditional Neon tubes argue that traditional signs give off a warmer glow and are more inviting. Traditional signs are also an iconic part of popular films such as Moulin Rouge, Drive, Blade Runner and Tron.

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