A store’s aesthetics tells so much about it. Are your retail store’s interior and outdoor designs entice buyers to enter? Did you know that most store owners are using customed LED lights for retail displays nowadays? Not just because it’s pleasing to the eyes and improves the ambiance but also energy-saving. What a cost-effective store display, isn’t it?

LED Lights for Retail Displays

How Vital is Lightning in a Store?

There is a study that shows retail lightning affects buyers’ shopping experience. It invites shoppers into the atmosphere. It gives a relaxed ambiance to the customer that makes can affect their moods and buying habits. High possibilities for more sales for it also conveys the quality of your products.

LED Lights for Retail Display

LED Lights for Retail Display

Why you should try LED Lights for Retail Displays?

  1. Lifespan.

    LED light’s operating hours last from 50,000 to 10,000 hours which is 2-4 times longer than the traditional lights. Traditional lightings such as fluorescent, metal halide, and, sodium vapor lights.

  2. Eco-Friendly

    Traditional lights may have a negative environmental impact since they have mercury internal to the bulb. This mercury is what makes these traditional lights last, which LED lights don’t have.

  3. Money-Saving

    Since you will use this for a longer time, it also means that it will not cost you so much. LED lights don’t just bring beauty to your store and to the environment but to your finances as well.

  4. Energy-Saving

    LED lights for retail displays consume too low voltages. This makes them ideal in outdoor lighting as well.

LED Lights for Retail Displays

LED Light Displays as Promotional Giveaways

Any customers would be really happy if they get these pretty LED lights displays. This is perfect for any part of their houses. These LED light displays aren’t just ideal for retail displays but can be exclusive merchandise or giveaway for your loyal shoppers.

LED lights in bespoke shapes will surely be appreciated by your customers. They can be a great addition to their living spaces and workstations. The ability to be fashioned into many different is also what makes LED light displays a great idea for brand promotion.

Would LED light displays help you boost your marketing? If you are interested to have these aesthetically modern and elegant LED lights for retail displays or as a promotional gift, go and message us. The product code is ODM-2282.

As you can see, these LED light displays are customizable. Let us know your preferred shapes and designs.


Since 2003, ODM has enlarged its services to help retail stores in any aspect of the business. Our team can help with unique and innovative promotional product ideas as well as store displays. These LED lights for retail displays and promotional giveaways are the perfect solution to both. Contact us now!

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