Powerful Weapon to Increase Sales: Retail Display Idea

The best way to form a lasting impression on a customer is through a compelling and immersive experience, which can be made with a few simple products and fixtures. An example would be this Ribena Blackcurrant Pastille Supermarket POS Display which we came across in Singapore. We believe that retail and display merchandising are crucial in propelling conversions and boosting sales. Hence, we would like to share how having a good retail display idea is powerful in providing companies with a competitive edge.

Retail Display Idea

What makes this retail display idea stand out?

Firstly, the imagery shown through the vines and blackcurrant replicas highlights the main ingredient used to produce this product.  Through the optimisation of product presentation, it attracts, engages, and motivates customers towards making a purchase. With eye-catching imagery, companies are sure to stimulate any observers and generate interest in their product.

Secondly, being in a stand-alone position increases visibility in a big supermarket. With a small space for your product among hundreds of competitor products, its like looking for a needle in a stack of needles! With a standalone POS display placed at a location with large volumes of human traffic, customers will no longer miss out on your products!

So how does this boost sales?

We will be sharing 3 main benefits of a retail display like the one Ribena has set up!

Retail Display Idea

1. Increased Brand Visibility

With a more prominent spot in a supermarket, it grasps the attention of consumers who may not even be looking for a snack or a sweet reward. Through standalone POS displays or freestanding display units it helps consumers understand, recognise and recall the company brand. Customers are more inclined to purchase from brands that they are familiar with than from a competitor which may be foreign to them despite selling similar products.

2. Well-communicated Brand Message

The company’s brand message of ” Blackcurrant Artistry Since 1938″, is evidently emphasised through the imagery of vines and blackcurrant. With the proper imagery, colours and right choice of texts, a company’s brand message can be accurately communicated to consumers.

3. Attracts Impulse Buyers

It is difficult to keep our eyes off a memorable and striking retail display, which is why custom retail displays attract impulse buyers. Located at locations with high human traffic such as along aisles or close to payment counters, consumers will definitely be enticed to purchase one or two of your products!

Key Learning Points…

Like Ribena’s genius interpretation of their brand message, we believe that retail displays are excellent marketing tools. With the varying likes and wants of consumers, the flexibility of retail display customisation appeals to all consumers. Moreover, a standalone retail display or a branded FSDU allows for a competitive edge with no direct competition next to it. Thus, this is definitely a retail display idea worth exploring!

How can we help you?

Interested in brainstorming and manufacturing new retail display ideas? We have experience with sourcing and designing POS displays and marketing gifts for different global brands.
Contact us with your ideas and we will be happy to assist you in manufacturing and design.

Otherwise, check out our online magazine for more inspiration. We’ve written over 8,000 real-life case studies and artices about new product ideas, marketing, POS display unitspackaging design, and more on our website. Here are some related blog articles that may interest you…

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