In-store marketing is a great way to reach out to customers. It is also one of the most widely used marketing strategies today. Check out Haribo’s free standing supermarket POS display units in a Vietnamese supermarket.

Supermarket POS display

Supermarket POS display idea: Supermarket Standout!

Since 1982, Haribo has been delighting both children and adults with its fun and delicious gummies. Their products are now beloved by many. The company constantly comes up with different marketing campaigns, such as this free standing marketing POS display.


What we love about Haribo’s Supermarket POS Display:

  • Branded: The display is a good representation of Haribo’s brand name. In addition, the POS display is decked out in a bright shade of yellow, which is one of the company’s signature colours. Hence, it is sure to catch the eyes of customers.


  • Mascot usage: The POS display features its mascot, the Haribo Gold Bear. As mascots are memorable, they help your brand to become easily recognizable. Furthermore, they are difficult to ignore. In addition, a mascot creates a more concrete representation of your brand rather than using a logo. Thus, using a mascot helps to increase the company’s brand awareness and provides a personal touch.


  • Boosts Sales: This custom POS display can increase profits in the long-run. This is because it engages customers and piques their interest. In addition, it is strategically located at the entrance of sweets and snacks section. Thus, it can encourage customers to purchase the products and build brand awareness.


  • Customizable: The POS display can be made using many different materials to fit your budget and needs such as plastic and wood. Both are inexpensive materials that can be used to customize your POS display. Here at ODM, we can design something for you that meets your budget and requirements.

Supermarket POS display

Supermarket POS display idea: Supermarket Standout!

How could Haribo’s display be improved?

Supermarket POS display

Supermarket POS display idea: Supermarket Standout!

  • Eco-friendly method: Many customers are paying greater attention to their impacts on the environment and companies are also doing the same. Therefore, customers may choose to avoid businesses that negatively impact the environment. As such, you can choose to design your POS display out of cardboard as it is cost effective and can be recycled. Thus, adopting an eco-friendly approach in your marketing campaign is beneficial.
  • More striking: To make its POS display more attractive to customers, Haribo could use LED lights in its retail POS display. Not only are they eye catching, they will definitely leave a positive impression on your customers.


Why should you Utilize a Marketing POS Display?

Marketing displays play an important role in attracting customers and stimulating sales. POS displays in supermarkets are often placed at or near the products the display is promoting. Therefore, it will provide you with a competitive advantage over other brands. This is especially important in the saturated confectionery industry. In addition, always remember that a well-planned and well thought-out marketing campaign will always improve your brand’s performance.


We Can Help With Your Next Marketing Campaign…

ODM has years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing high-quality POS displays, custom POP displays and free standing display units.  Boost your in-store marketing with a marketing POS display today! Feel free to contact us today – we’d love to hear from you!


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