There are several ways to promote your brand in a supermarket. Examples include POS display units, gift with purchase and promotional product packaging. The choices are endless! Check out Colgate‘s latest supermarket in-store promotion found in Big C, a supermarket in Vietnam.

supermarket in-store promotion

Grab Shoppers’ Attention with Supermarket In-Store Promotion!

Colgate’s supermarket in-store promotion is effective in grabbing the attention of shoppers and boosting sales. As part of the brand’s promotion, customers will receive a complimentary plate with every purchase of the brand’s toothpaste. The plate features a beautiful flower and animal design on the sides of the plate.


How is this Supermarket In-Store Promotion Effective?

  • Serves a Purpose: A supermarket in-store promotion offering a useful gift with purchase can attract customers. This promotion offers a plate which is a staple item in the kitchen. They are also durable and can be used for a long time. Many people use plates everyday and this promotional plate will definitely come in handy. Thus, offering a complimentary gift with purchase that is practical can pique the interest of shoppers.


  • Boost Relationships with Customers: Showing appreciation and gratitude to your customers by offering a gift with purchase can help to build and maintain relationships with them. It can also increase their loyalty to your brand, thus allowing you to gain a competitive advantage. They may then choose your brand over your competitors. It will also allow your customers to place their trust in your brand, and continue supporting it. This is crucial for your business in the long-run.

supermarket in-store promotion

Grab Shoppers’ Attention with Supermarket In-Store Promotion!

  • Increase Sales: A gift with purchase promotion can help you improve and achieve higher sales. This is because it attracts and catches the attention of shoppers. Offering a gift with purchase promotion can also allow them to obtain a greater sense of perceived value. Therefore, customers will feel that they are receiving more from your brand in exchange for their purchases. This will help to ensure customer happiness and satisfaction.


  • Customisable: Feel free to customise your gift with purchase so as to make your supermarket in-store promotion unique and attractive. You can customise it in different shapes, sizes and colours. There is such a diverse range of choices to choose from. By opting for customisation, you can increase the brand remembrance of your products due to the one of a kind nature of your promotions, Hence, you can attract and retain customers and boost sales.


  • Engages Customers: One good point about this promotion is that the promotional plates are placed on the shelves amongst the Colgate products. This allows customers to examine them to get an idea of the quality of the product. This could be useful in encouraging them to make the purchase.

supermarket in-store promotion

Grab Shoppers’ Attention with Supermarket In-Store Promotion!

In conclusion, suprermarket in-store promotions are a great addition to your marketing campaign due to their large audience reach and ability to enhance sales.


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