If you work in hotels, pubs, and the tobacco industry, then you know the importance of having an ashtray around. Cigarette butts and ash can make your establishment dirty, smelly, and unhygienic. Therefore, a receptacle for those things are necessary. Surprisingly, they can also be used to spread word about your company.

Custom ashtrays with logo can be an effective method to get your brand message across. They are  made from fire-resistant materials such as glass and porcelain but nowadays, silicone is being used as well.

They can also be made as simple or as bespoke as your imagination and budget allow. Often, companies offer them as luxury gifts for VIP clients. With that said, we can say that custom ashtrays have a wide application and market reach. If you are considering using them for your next brand campaign, here are some must-see excellent designs from our factory.


What Makes these Custom Ashtrays Stand Out?

This oval ashtray features the brand name Joya de Niaragua, a popular brand of cigar in Nicaragua. It has 2 notches on its rim that can hold 2 cigars at the same time. The shiny finish gives it a luxurious luster perfect for hotel lounge and office use.





This one has a deeper basin than the previous one. The notches are deep enough to hold cigars and keep them from rolling off to the floor. In addition, the sides can be printed with logo or name similar to Joya de Nicaragua one above. For better visibility, branding the center is ideal.




Who Can Use these Custom Ashtrays?

  • Hotels
  • Supermarkets
  • Cigarette and Tobacco Companies
  • Liquor Companies
  • Casinos
  • Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Automotive Companies


Features and Benefits

1.Made from Ceramic

This is an excellent choice of material because it is fire-resistant. Moreover, ceramic is easier to easy to clean and maintain. You can either wipe or wash it to remove residual ash.

2. High Quality

The above custom ashtrays are of high-quality. The shiny finish lends a classy appeal that suits your target market. Since recipients are adults, simple style and somber colors are suitable for the trays. With that said, they make great corporate souvenirs or customer giveaway along with cigarette products, alcoholic drinks, or other related products.

3. Custom Design

With our product designers, we can make different bespoke shapes other than the ones shown above. Here at ODM, we focus on functionality above anything else. We make sure that your custom ashtray suits your brand image. Our product designers work closely with China factories to ensure that the specs sheet is being followed and that strict quality control is being implemented.

4. Marketing Space

There are nearly 1 billion cigarette smokers around the globe. Thus, there is a serious demand for cigarette receptacles both in public and private places to contain the residue and cigarette butts. Done right, they can be a powerful tool to educate people of the dangers of cigarette smoking to ones health and the effects of littering cigarette butts to the environment. Because ash trays are usually shared by many people, this creates an opportunity for your brand to be seen.

5. Eco-Friendly

According to Ocean Conservancy, a nonprofit organization based in the US, cigarette butts are the number one item that pollutes our oceans. Cigarette butts make their way through drains and small bodies of water, and ultimately to the ocean. Using an ashtray keeps them in one place, making it easier to dispose them off. Proper disposal prevents them from being washed to the ocean.


Our Key Takeaways…

Simple, yet effective, you can make great impact with custom ashtrays. They can be easily shared with everyone, thus gaining you daily brand exposure. Furthermore, they can be fashioned to suit your branding needs. Take advantage of this promotional item and spread awareness about the negative impact of smoking to ones health.

So, would these custom ashtrays help promote your business? If so, then we would be glad to help you design your own ashtrays with logo for your next brand campaign. Contact our team today and reference product code 2802 to get a quote.

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