Is your business related to the tobacco industry? Why not consider Ash Trays as promo gifts for your customers. It has been a popular promo giveaways for cigarette companies, alcoholic beverage brands and related industries & even health care campaigns.

Whilst most companies do not want to be associated with smoking or promoting this habit, other companies are offering a public service to smokers and non-smokers by providing a disposing method for ash and cigarette butts.

For Sports Companies 

Chelsea FC Promo

Take a look at how Chelsea Football Club advertise their brand on the ash tray. Delight soccer fans with this piece of souvenir that has their favorite team logo printed on it.

For Alcoholic Beverage Companies

Bacardi Promotions

Here you see how Barcardi Spirit Company promote its brand. While using the ash tray, users can easily notice the bright logo printed on it. Placed in the pubs or restaurants, it reminds users to order a Barcardi when the next waiter comes along.

For Cigarette Companies

Ash Tray Promotions by Cigarette Companies

Big Tobacco brands like Fortuna and Philip Morris usually distribute these ash trays to pubs, restaurants and clubs. Great marketing strategy to promote their brand as these are the places where their customer visit.

For Health Institutions

Singapore Cancer Society Promo

Such promo gift is also suitable for Anti-Smoking Campaigns in hospitals or health institutions. Singapore Cancer Society had this creative ash tray design that helped to raise awareness to the ‘Side Effects of Smoking’ message that they were trying to spread.

Check out what are the current advertising constraints in your country and double check with your marketing department before associating your brand with smoking accessories.

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