Every now and then, I stumble upon an old promotional product and can’t help but comment on it.  In Europe or USA, a custom ashtray is so outdated, but in Japan, they are massive crowd pleasers.  It’s still a “smoker’s paradise”, and cigarette advertising and promotions are not regulated like elsewhere.

custom ashtray marlboro

Drag Your Sales Up With Custom Ashtray from Marlboro

Once lit, the paper and the dried tobacco leaves will fall off and turn into ashes. The speck can either float away or get in someone’s eye if there isn’t an ashtray to catch the residue. Ashtrays are a core product from many years ago in the West.  They are still a key component of promotions in bars.  Another example of cigarette promotions is this smoke alarm.

What makes this product really stand out is the ashtray design.

custom ashtray marlboro

Drag Your Sales Up With Custom Ashtray from Marlboro

The colors associated with the company are visible in the promo gift. Even a non-consumer will know where it originated from, despite the change in the order of pigments. Because of it, the 1C logos printed on the rim are OK.

The textured lip of the bin not only adds to its appeal but also lets the user grip it firmly. In addition to that, it follows the shape of a square, yet the corners have a slight curve. Accidentally nicking your skin due to the advertising merchandise will never happen.

The wide edge and the deep base create an awesome combination too. A cigarette can sit comfortably on one of the dents without rolling down, and there are three more for friends. The actual tray can collect a good amount of debris as well before you need to clean it out.

Benefits from A Custom Ashtray

  • Long Life. Underneath the paint is tin metal. Hand-made ashtray makers used it back then as a top layer to ensure the cigars won’t burn through the material. Since the item will most likely not corrode, customers may even gift it to the next generation too.
  • Brand Activation. Any brand marketing with a custom ashtray may provide it to casinos and bars for exposure. These are the typical establishments where adults can consume the Marlboro goods freely. When the ones who favor another company see it often, they may want to start buying from this manufacturer soon.
  • Net Increase. The ashtray suits outdoor advertising because users need enough ventilation before lighting a cigarette. And because this merchandise isn’t heavy, they can carry it anytime outside. They may, in fact, unconsciously promote the product to others by doing that and boost Marlboro’s sales.

This custom ashtray proves that there are freebies that only fit the mature market. The design may be modern, but the construction stays similar to the vintage ash collectors. Thus, the age of the brand that’ll utilize it does not matter.

Dreaming of offering something useful to your target age group as well? Visit the ODM Group to understand your promotional choices. Cheers!

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Scared of having your promotional campaign ignored by consumers? Every producer, old or new, feels that way; that’s why people come up with bizarre concepts that’ll attract attention. Nonetheless, there are advertisers too who go for practicality over originality and still see their amazing results. We have a lot of samples for that.  Hope you enjoyed this custom ashtray Marlboro offered in Japan.


Can I adpot this promotion as a bar owner?

Definitely. You can use this as a means to attract customers to your bar especially if it is a pub as this is the right target audience for this kind of promotion. Just make sure to add your brand name and logo.

Who can use this promotion?

From drink companies to pubs to even brands that produce mature chocolate and cigarette brands in themselves. You can adapt this as a promotion accompanying the sale of your product. It would do well as an on-pack gift or even free gift with purchase as well.