The cigar case and hip flask have always been considered as a real man’s accessory and one that has never gone out of fashion. This 2 in 1 promotional item for the tobacco and drinks industry alike has a bit of both worlds – a hip flask and cigar cask in one!

Promotion for Tobacco Industry - 2 in 1 Branded Hip Flask

Promotion for Tobacco Industry – 2 in 1 Branded Hip Flask

This branded hip flask with a cigar case is made of stainless steel, so you must be sure that your drink will keep its initial rich taste. Also, this material will protect your cigars against drying out and moisture.

It is a great promotional product, especially if heading out for a special event or catch up with friends. This case doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be easily slipped inside the pocket of your jacket, good for that quick tipple.

Why is this a great promotional idea for the tobacco industry?

  • Branding area. This tobacco industry product is good to be customized as we can print your brand’s or company’s logo on it and it can also be laser engraved with there being enough space to even add your slogan or personal touch. Use special colors for the logo, matching your corporate Pantone. So every time your clients will use they will notice your brand on it.
  • High-End Item. Have no idea how to strengthen your relationships with the client or future partner? This great promo idea is for you. Good to give as a promo gift to your high-end client after closing deals or success celebration. This promotional item can be easily customized by placing your logo and information and associating your company with positivity.
  • Redemption gift. You can boost your sales by offering this promo product as a purchase with purchase. Customers will like to pay more in order to get this unique product. There are not many places to purchase this product so people will more likely buy in order to try it out. This tobacco industry idea is going to cause more customers to come back to your brand and purchase more of your products.

If you like this promotional product please contact us today and quote ODM- 1301. If you are looking for more ideas for your next promo campaign our Sales Team will be happy to assist you. Rely on our sourcing, designing, and manufacturing experience!

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