Haven’t we all collected a flip matchbox at some time or other, printed with some hotel or restaurant’s name.   Lots of space for somebody to note their contact details on the inside..

The Basic promotional gift of the past - Matchbox

Back in the days when smoking wasn’t such a scorned habit, matchboxes and other complimentary products made the perfect promo for companies to give out to their customers. But fashions have changed and matchboxes are out of favour for advertising agents. Mainly due to the bad image associated to them indirectly by cigarettes.

Here at ODM, we see toothpick boxes replacing matchboxes for lots of promotions.  Toothpick boxes offer many advantages to both promoters and customers:

  • low costs of production
  • easily transportable
  • practical/useful
  • appeal to all customers
  • more positive image

The modern Promotional Gift -Toothpick Plastic Flip Box

After considering various designs, the one that struck us as most practical and resistant, but still low budget, was the plastic flip matchbox style, as shown in the pictures. But naturally other designs are possible, and ODM would be more than happy to satisfy any request.