Just a stone’s throw away from Macau & the world’s top casinos by turnover, ODM understands the huge demand for promotional products from the casino industry. There are just so many areas where our specialization can come into play – be it promoting special events, enticing players to join the table games, player rewards, or just simply driving traffic.

Jack Daniel’s Themed Poker Set

Customized playing cards, chips and dice have long been a marketing tradition, creating a special experience on the table for their patrons to differentiate themselves from competitors.  Sometimes, they are even used to promote special events or UFC fights/concerts commonly held in casinos.

These themed promotional items are not only able to generate interest in the game.  By allowing the players to touch and feel these chips and cards, you bring interactivity into your marketing efforts.

Themed Chips to promote the KISS concert at In The Palms in Las Vegas

However, ever thought of going back to basics to offer utility instead? Basic custom promotional products which are cost-effective and relevant could be perfect handouts at casinos or giveaways at trade shows or conferences at your casino’s showroom.

In contrast with customized playing cards and chips with specific themes, these items have much longer shelf life and enhanced brand exposure since there is a use for it. Here are some interesting suggestions by ODM:

Slot Machine Pen – Click to hit Jackpot! The Slot Machine Pen constantly reminds your customers how exhilarating it was to pull the lever and wish for a jackpot, subtly urging them to make a second trip. Can customise these with your products & messages…

Lenticular Slot Machine Luggage Tag – A great travel accessory for customers who travel a long way to visit your casino…

Slot Machine Paper Weight – Doubles up as a paperweight, pull the lever to play whenever bored!

Black Jack Coolzee – This makes a great promotional gift to keep your recipients’ beer/beverage cool and their hands dry (lucky in auspicious gambling sense).

Promotional Card Caddie – enable your customers to bring their deck of cards around wherever they travel conveniently with this stylish vinyl caddie.

Roulette Tape Measure with Key Chain Holder – portable tape measure which will definitely come in handy. Roulette players will love this one…

Mug with Roulette/Blackjack Compartment

Dicey Promotional Ideas…


Custom Business Cards for High Rollers

With a casino theme, recipients can constantly have fun (that’s the whole point right?) in mundane daily chores with such promotional products even after they go back. As a memento, these souvenirs give your customers something tangible to remember by, which is essential given the volatility of the hospitality industry…

See below: Redemption Mechanism by a casino for added value.  Tiered awards.

A Redeem Mechanism could be one way to rope in promotional products to reward your customers


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