Spotted at the Las Vegas Duty Free store, Remy Martin had this game set promo. When customers buy 2 bottles of VSOP Cognac, they could get a game set as promo gift.

Remy Martin Game Set Promotion

Look at how attractive the game set was on the shelves when placed together with the bottles.

Remy Martin Game Set Promotion

Why are Game Sets great promo gifts?

  • Creates the impression that customers are getting many gifts at a time, making promo more attractive
  • Variety of games give customers options, catering to different needs and thus able to attract a wider audience
  • Handy and Convenient Tool for gatherings/ parties
  • High End and very Presentable

Notice that the poker cards do not have the brand’s logo printed at the back? We feel that the brand missed out some form of free advertising. If all the games had brand logo imprinted on them, they could easily remind users of product during usage. A great example will be the Jack Daniel’s Promo Poker Set .

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