It seems there is a continuing trend in promoting various alcohol brands in duty free stores by using promotional bags as GWP campaigns. This promotional product was seen last weekend at Hong Kong’s International Airport. Remy Martin, the famous French cognac company, is using a promotional bag in order to push the sale of their Cognac bottles. Customers who purchase two bottles of Cognac will receive this elegant Remy Martin bag to transport this French liquor home.

The bag plays on the colors that have been associated for a long time with the brand’s Cognac bottle.

Remy Martin used these specific colors and its logo so that Cognac aficionados will immediately recognize the brand from a distance.

This bag design will eventually be reused by customers – the more discreet the branding the better as logos and names indicate these are freebies can cheapen the outlook.  The trend in promotional bags for GWP campaigns is still growing and can be associated to various types of products. Make sure to think of this strategy for your next marketing campaign.

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