Remy Martin is giving away a promotional travel tag for free with every purchase of Remy Martin VSOP alcohol as a gift with purchase. This promotion was spotted in the UK Duty Free Shop (DFS) at an airport. This travel tag is useful and targeted at the travellers who purchase alcohol at the DFS store.

Gift with Purchase by Remy Martin- Travel Tag

Gift with Purchase by Remy Martin- Travel Tag

How do gift with purchase increase sales?

People tend to make more purchases if there are free promo gifts that come along with it. Products that come with gift with purchase tends to have a higher perceived value. Remy Martin has thus included a gift with purchase travel tag in this package to boost sales.

This Remy Martin travel tag is in compatibility with the color combination of the VSOP alcohol bottle. This makes the travel tag even more attractive and appealing to potential customers. Attention may be drawn to the travel tag, which may in turn attract people to purchase the alcohol in order to receive the travel tag for free.

Boosting brand awareness with gift with purchase

This gift with purchase travel tag is able to help boost brand awareness when consumers use this tag for their travel bags or luggage. Other people who come across this travel tags would be able to see the brand logo of Remy Martin on it. Brand recall can also be enhanced when consumers use this travel tag while travelling.

This promo gift is able to serve as a walking advertisement as well. With these tags being carried around the world, more people would be able to know of this brand. Moreover, these travel tags not only benefit the company but also their consumers. Consumers can use the travel tags when they travel or even use it as an accessory to their baggage.