Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. And what’s better than starting your day with your favourite type of cereal? Kellogg’s once more came up with a clever idea, they partnered up with Cartoon Network to create an On Pack Promotion for the Froot Loops cereal. Inside each box is an Adventure Time luggage tag. Adventure Time is a popular cartoon show from the US about the life of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, mixed with a lot of fantasy and humor.

On Pack Promo Item Adventure Time Luggage Tag

On Pack Promo Item Adventure Time Luggage Tag

There are two different custom luggage tags. One is of Jake the Dog, and the other one is Finn the Human. The tags can slide open so that contact information can be filled in. The tags can be attached with the ring on top. Considering the fact that many of the cereals are marketed towards children, Kellogg’s uses On Pack Promotion quite often. Children are consumers that are easily attracted, because they are more impulsive than adults.

Why do we like this On Pack Promo Item?

  • Unique but Effective: It’s not just a random toy, but customers can really use this item. When considering whether or not to buy this product, customers might see the benefit of the luggage tag. This might make the product more attractive, because customers will see the ‘point’ of the gifted item.
  • Pester Power: Cereals like these are generally consumed by Children. By combining their favourite cereal with a popular cartoon, this might seem like an ideal item from a Children’s point of view. They might then continuously ask their parents to buy it for them.
  • Brand recognition: When customers have this luggage tag hanging from their bag, it will work as a constant reminder of Froot Loops cereal. For example when children visit the supermarket next time, they might see the Froot Loops again, and ask their parents to re-purchase it for them.

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