Luggage tags may just be a small promotional product in terms of size but never judge a book by it’s cover. If you actually consider, these tags will bring your brand worldwide and onto the international stage if your customer carries it with them on trips – business or leisure. They may be rectangular all the time, but it can be customized into various shapes, colours, materials (metal, aluminium, PVC, synthetic or genuine leather & etc.) and also any printing method you think is best (embossed, silk screen, heat transfer printing & etc.)

Luggage tags also work well for all industries and age groups – service line, food & beverage, hotel, retail, etc. For example, if you are in the travel line, luggage tags can be given to show customers your appreciation of having them traveling with you. With your company’s logo on it, and attractive designs, loyalty among customers can be created as the tags will sure to remind them who to go to when it  comes to travelling. Same goes to other industries.

Initially, luggage tags were usually used by business executives, but now even kids have their own luggage tags. Youngsters even have those tags on their backpack substituting the key rings. Hence, no matter what age group your customers belong to, as long as the designs of the tags suit their preference, your company is ready to go international.

For the final touch-up, why not consider having the luggage tags packaged in gift boxes each and also with your company’s logo on the it. By now, it will not just be a promotional gift but a complete corporate gift that looks nice inside out. Still thinking what to get your customers for the year 2011, stop thinking and send us your ideas. ODMasia will be more than happy to bring your brand around the globe!

On our bags, ODM staff currently have HKTDC 10 year anniversary tags & of course Lost-Bag tags.

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