Double Up In-Store Promotions With GWP & POS Display Stand

This promotion in we found in a Mannings store in Hong Kong make use of two marketing strategies in one just next to their checkout counters in Hong Kong. It combines two traditional promotional tools, a Gift With Purchase and Point of Sales Display for this supermarket promotion that caught our staff’s eye as we were in line to check out.

This promotion offers a complimentary pair of scissors for use in the kitchen (value HK$25) as a thank you for purchasing over HK$99 worth of personal care products. This in-store promotion doubles up as a very effective in boosting sales and capturing customers attention when they are waiting in line. We can pick up some marketing points from Manning’s promotion. 

What makes this GWP POS Display so successful?

Encourage Impulse Buys

Displaying a promotion that customers will see as they wait in line will definitely encourage impulse buys for your product. Adding a free gift as an incentive adds to the perceived value of your brand’s product, in customer’s eyes, they will get more bang for their buck! In addition, the a limited period of time of the promotion adds a sense of urgency when customers consider making purchase. Hence, boosting sales and expanding your customer base with more curious customers purchasing your product when drawn by this promotion.

Differentiate Yourself From Competitors

Having a gift with purchase or on-pack promotion gift can help your brand stand out from competitors. Shoppers are more likely to purchase a product that comes with a free gift incentive as compared to products sold by your competitors.

Offering premium gifts accompanying your product is a traditional and highly effective way to enhance sales in stores. It is also an opportunity to allow your customers to try out new products such as the scissors in the example above! Once customers get a taste of how much they enjoy your products, they are sure to come back for more! Encouraging customer loyalty!

Practicality Of Product

Who doesn’t have a kitchen at home? and who doesn’t need a pair of scissors? Kitchenware makes really practical gifts your customers will appreciate. This adds incentive to the product, gift and promotion as a whole because it is a product your customers will see themselves getting use out of!

2 in 1 Promotion

A gift with purchase promotion is a great promotion in itself but this promotion is further enhanced by promoting this gift with purchase promotion on a POS Display! Adding these two promotions together creates one that is greatly effective. One that will capture attention and lure customers in with to purchase this your products with this functional marketing gift.

Learning Points

This promotion at Mannings in Hong Kong is indeed one that is successful and we can all pick up little marketing tips to incorporate into your next marketing campaign. Offering a gift with purchase is one very effective way to encourage impulse buys and boost customer loyalty. Furthermore, you can offer premium gifts to further enhance the image of your brand projected to customers. This is one of many promotions by Mannings and proves the company are using premium gifts and promotions very strongly in order to enhance sales in their stores.

Contact ODM

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are some Gift With Purchase products that companies can use?

Why are gifts with purchase a great marketing strategy?

Gift with purchase allows you to attract customers by providing promotional products that have high usability to customers. Customers will never decline a free gift that has high usability to them. Hence, they would try out the product even if it may be a brand unfamiliar to them. Furthermore, these gifts can be branded with the company logo to increase brand awareness.

Why are POS displays great?

POS displays are great because they provide additional storage space and are close to the point of sales. This encourages customers to purchase products impulsively.

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