Celebrate International Tea Day on December 15th. Enjoy your afternoon tea with promotional gift ideas such as custom teacups!


Lipton recently rolled out this promotion at supermarkets in Singapore, in which shoppers can receive a custom teacup when they purchase SGD$15 of Lipton products. This promotion indeed created some buzz on social media and the custom glassware is now fully redeemed.

Custom Teacup

Custom Teacup

Lipton has definitely established itself as one of the top tea brands here in Singapore and Asia. Their in-store promotions are truly very successful and effective in boosting their sales. We can pick up a few learning points from their promotion.


What makes Lipton Custom Teacup GWP promotion so successful?

Practicality of Product

The custom teacup is a double wall glass cup. This kind of glassware is better than an original teacup. Between the two glass layers, there is vacuum insulation. This is effective in keeping the drink warm for a long time. Furthermore, the user would not feel the heat when they hold the cup. Hence, Lipton’s buyers will be able to enjoy their tea when they use this product.

Furthermore, double wall glasses are sturdier than normal glass cups and are less likely to crack. Hence, users can keep them for a long time.

This custom glass cup will definitely capture the attention of shoppers and lure them to buy Lipton’s products in order to keep and use this very functional marketing gift.


Visual Appeal

The custom teacup comes in 2 designs, a penguin and a bear. These cute designs will definitely warm some shopper’s hearts and entice them to purchase Lipton products in order to collect them. These designs are more likely to attract female shoppers.

Custom Teacup

Custom Teacup

Increase Perceived Value

The choice of double wall glass makes the product very elegant and high-end. Shoppers will be very delighted when they receive the free gift with purchase as they feel that it is value for money. Furthermore, they can also impress their home guests when they offer hot drinks in a very elegant cup.


Limited Edition

This promotion is only for a limited time only and Lipton would not offer these gifts when it is fully redeemed. Shoppers will be encouraged to purchase Lipton products in order to not miss out on this cool product.

Offering limited-series merchandise in promotions is very effective in Singapore. Many Singaporeans share a common trait, called “Kiasuism,” which is the fear of losing out, so they will not want to miss out on very good deals.



Offering a collectible gift with purchase can create impulse buys.  Some shoppers may be a fan of Lipton’s branded promotional merchandise and do not mind purchasing a lot of their products in order to complete the collection.


Differentiate themselves from Competitors

Having a gift with purchase or on-pack promotion gift can help make your brand stand out from its competitors. Shoppers are more likely to purchase your product rather than its competitors as there is a free gift incentive.

The free gift that Lipton offered is very unique and premium. It is probably not offered before by other tea brands, so this may pique the interest of shoppers to pick Lipton rather than its competitors.


Learning Points

Indeed, Lipton’s marketing campaign is very successful and we can all pick up some marketing nuggets of wisdom from this promotion. Offering a gift with purchase in your in-store promotion is a very effective way to boost retail sales for your brand. Furthermore, you can also consider premium giveaways and one-of-a-kind gifts to help boost your brand image and attract more shoppers to your brand.


How ODM can help

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gift with purchase (GWP)?

A gift with purchase is a familiar marketing technique to many. It is meant to encourage people to purchase items, in order to receive a free gift. This advertising technique is used in many different industries.

What are promotional products?

Promotional products are custom items that businesses and other organizations use to advertise. These products are branded with a logo, company vision etc.

What are some examples of promotional items for tea?

Tea lid, mugs, thermos, tea box etc.