Helena Rubinstein is offering a free custom cosmetic bag with the purchase of their skincare products. Spotted at Hong Kong Duty Free, our attention was immediately drawn to the free gift they offer. It is small, portable, and functional.

Custom Cosmetic Bag

Custom Cosmetic Bag

Offering a gwp toiletry bag always works especially in the beauty industry. Every makeup user knows the importance of having a reliable beauty kit. Whether you are planning to attend a formal gathering or going to work, a makeup bag will always come in handy. This is why Helena Rubinstein is giving away a free pouch bag.

The bag and all the beauty products on offer are encased in an acrylic display box. We spotted this promotion at Hong Kong airport. We have seen so many gift with purchase bags before, but this one still managed to stand out to us. Here’s why:


Why this Custom Cosmetic Bag Stands Out?

  • Design Appeal : The overall design is what we always look for a product. Pretty products easily catch our attention and this is why this free cosmetic pouch stood out for us. We love the neutral colors used here. The combination of silvery gray and beige lent a dainty and classy appeal that suits women of all ages and status. Furthermore, it is small enough to fit in a handbag.
  • Usefulness : Customers can put all these skin products inside the bag whenever they travel. This will keep all their beauty products well-organized.
Custom Cosmetic Bag

Custom Cosmetic Bag

  • Material : The gwp toiletry bag is made from PU leather, a fantastic alternative to leather. Because this material is water resistant, it will keep the contents dry. Furthermore, it can easily be cleaned with a cloth.
  • Great Value for Money : This bag serves as an incentive for customers. Simple gifts such as this bag makes customers feel they are getting more from their purchase. This way they will not have to buy a new cosmetic pouch to keep their beauty products.
  • Marketing Message : This promotion is a gentle reminder to take good care of their skin. Sometimes, we tend to forget to bring our personal care kit when travelling. Others are too lazy to pack their skin products in their luggage. But this bag allows customers to organize their beauty products in one place. It fits perfectly inside a regular size carry-on bag so customers will not forget to bring them whenever they travel.
  • Customized Acrylic Display : Using an acrylic display case is a smart move because not only it keeps the products dust-free, but it also frames them well. The reflected light makes them look high-end.


Why Bags?

Bags provide high brand impressions next to promotional drinkware. It is one of the reasons why they are being used as a promotional medium in just about any industry- be it the cosmetics, food, and even the drinks industry.

Proper brand placement and quality of prints are key to making your brand stand out. More people will want your giveaway product because they know they can show it off to their friends. This also ensures that your brand gets more eyeballs. Social media influencers can also use this to boost their online campaign by giving them away as contest rewards.

With a custom pouch bag, you have two sides to play with. Both front and back sides can be printed with your logo or brand name for maximum exposure. Furthermore, bags can last for several months, which means extended brand exposure beyond shop floors!


So would a custom cosmetic pouch help boost your promotion? If so, get in touch with ODM today, our team is here to help you out. Our Mindsparkz team can help come up with excellent promotional product designs. Send us an email so we can get started with your project!

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