Whilst choosing fabric for our Sarobag-on Yu Chau Street, Shamshuipo we also had a look out for accessories – giving it a higher perceived value.

Accessories add value, uniqueness and complexity to your product. They are the final touch that make all the difference. A dangling plush toy or a shiny button often attracts the eye of the customer, and can lead to the purchase of your product rather than your competitor’s.

At Yu Chau Street you can easily feel lost in the midst of so many possibilities of accessories. The stores offer thousands of ways to improve your bag with buttons, plush toys, fake flowers, laces, badges, stickers, letters and so much more…

Our designer and sales staff believed the best way to proceed was to choose the fabric first, before focusing on improving the bag with accessories. The very simple, light, spring material we chose instantly eliminated many accessories from the range of possibilities.  All the shiny, or winter-types of accessories would not be relevant with a casual beach bag, hence keeping in mind the use of the product.  Simple, colorful accessories worked best so we finally chose two types of very large colorful buttons that would be sown on the strap of the bag  -giving a trendy, yet elegant touch to the Sarobag.